FitHit – Get Active, Get Healthy, Get Involved

FitHit provides opportunities for everyone to get fit by hitting tennis balls! Tennis is one of, if not the best sport for a persons physical and psychological wellbeing. Our aim is to provide events at Schools Friendly Clubs and Parks Tennis venues across Ireland where FitHit members can turn up, meet new people, and play the game!

So How does it work?

FitHit Cyber Tennis Club membership costs €10 per year. Once registered players choose either to represent their own tennis club, or if you are not a club member choose from one of our 5 Cyber Teams. Then the fun begins! In the members area you will find 4 types of events to take part in:

FitHit Team Tennis Blitz Series – Fingal June 2017 / Nationwide September 2017

  • Series of recreational blitz events held at clubs and parks venues
  • Events run for 1 ½ hours costing €5 per child with players having the opportunity to meet and play tennis with a variety of new people
  • Blitzes include fun matchplay, challenges, and fun group games – they are not competitive
  • Players receive participation points for their club team/cyber team, and collect stamps for themselves: 5 stamps  = free t-shirt, 10 stamps = free jumper!

FitHit Pop up and Play Blitz

  • Schools Friendly Clubs will run extra blitz series at their clubs to allow players the opportunity to play more tennis!
  • Coaches and club officials will be on hand to chat to parents and players about all the clubs have to offer from coaching, to summer camps, to family memberships
  • Pop up blitzes are a great opportunity for parents and coaches to discuss follow on opportunities for players who would like to do more than just play in fun blitz events

FreeStyle FitHit – Starting August 2017

  • Monthly competition free to all FitHit Cyber members
  • Record yourself doing a trick using at least one ball and racket – the more imaginative the better!
  • Email / WhatsApp / Facebook message us your video and we will display all tricks in the members zone
  • Each month 5 tricks will be chosen by a team of coaches and members can vote on which trick should win the prize!

FitHit Challenge – Starting August 2017

  • Monthly competition free to all FitHit Cyber members
  • Each month we will upload a video of a tennis challenge
  • Record yourself attempting to complete or beat the challenge
  • Email / WhatsApp us your video and we will display all attempts in the members zone
  • The member who completes or beats the challenge will win the prize!